Cotton textile market survey in August: the weaving Market is under pressure and the wait-and-see mood is rising

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(Summary description)At present, the overseas epidemic continues, the world economic and trade situation is complex and severe, China's achievements in coordinating epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development have been continuously expanded and consolidated

Cotton textile market survey in August: the weaving Market is under pressure and the wait-and-see mood is rising

(Summary description)At present, the overseas epidemic continues, the world economic and trade situation is complex and severe, China's achievements in coordinating epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development have been continuously expanded and consolidated

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  • Time of issue:2022-07-04 17:10
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At present, the overseas epidemic continues, the world economic and trade situation is complex and severe, China's achievements in coordinating epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development have been continuously expanded and consolidated, the quality and efficiency of economic development have been steadily improved, the endogenous driving force has been gradually enhanced, people's lives have been continuously improved, and the economic operation has shown a sustained and stable recovery trend. In order to timely track the operation of cotton textile enterprises and understand the changes in the cotton textile market, recently, the China Cotton Textile Industry Association conducted a major survey of the country's major cotton textile related markets for the 22nd time. The following is the reflection of local markets, cotton textile and related enterprises:
Raw material Market
Xinjiang cotton: since the reserve cotton wheel was only limited to textile cotton enterprises, the cotton price fell, but the overall decline was not large. The current Xinjiang 3128 machine picking cotton picking price was 18000 yuan / ton, still higher than that at the beginning of the month. The new cotton is about to appear on the market, and there is a strong rush to harvest. The procurement of textile enterprises has not changed much. European and American consumption showed a recovery trend, some overseas orders were advanced, and the domestic market recovered steadily. In the short term, the supply side cotton rush to harvest, giving strong support to cotton prices, ultimately depends on the downstream transmission.
Jiangxi viscose: Recently, the viscose staple fiber market has been under certain pressure, and the purchase intention of cotton textile enterprises is general. Affected by the repeated epidemic, it is more cautious to replenish the warehouse, and the downstream market has cooled down. At present, the price of viscose staple fiber is mostly 13000-13300 yuan / ton. Manufacturers have expectations for the "golden nine silver ten" market, but whether it can be realized depends on terminal demand.
Jiangsu polyester staple fiber: affected by the decline of crude oil price, the price of polyester staple fiber continues to be low, and the current price fluctuates between 6900-7000 yuan / ton. The production load of the enterprise remains low, at about 85%, and there is a certain inventory of staple fiber. The market has a strong wait-and-see mentality, production and sales are weak, and the downstream just needs to purchase.
Yarn Market
Jiangsu vortex spinning line: the production of the enterprise is normal. As the price of raw materials fell, the sales of vortex spinning yarn weakened and the price fell. The downstream took a wait-and-see attitude and was cautious in purchasing. The price of raw materials fluctuates greatly, and enterprises are not optimistic about the market for a period of time in the future.
Shandong cluster pure cotton low count yarn: the overall operation situation of the enterprise is stable. Recently, the cotton price has strengthened, and the cotton arrival price of textile enterprises is about 19000 yuan / ton, which is at a historical high. Affected by the rise in cotton prices, the cotton inventory of textile enterprises has been polarized. The price transmission of cotton yarn is sluggish. The price of c40s combed cotton yarn reaches 29500 yuan / ton, and downstream customers do not recognize the price rise of cotton yarn well. Market transactions are relatively cold, and the profit space of textile enterprises is further compressed. The order situation is general, the downstream customers are not willing to catch up, the startup rate remains at a high level, and the inventory is generally low. Some enterprises predict that cotton and cotton yarn will remain high in the future.
Jiangsu high count yarn: at this stage, the market performance is acceptable, the production and sales are relatively stable, and the product inventory is low. As the traditional peak season is approaching, the price of raw materials is expected to stabilize in the future to ensure the relative stability of profits. Domestic consumption is gradually improving. Recently, considering the large fluctuations in raw material prices, we will remain on the sidelines for the later market.
Shandong differentiated yarn: at present, the enterprise operates well and operates at full capacity. Most orders are scheduled to the middle of September, and a few long orders are scheduled to the end of October. The price of differentiated yarn products has been corrected compared with that before. Due to the small amount of cotton used, enterprises mainly need to purchase cotton in small orders. In order to reduce the uncertainty of cotton price fluctuation, the cotton blended products of enterprises have been reduced. After the price rise of yarn in the early stage, the downstream mills have a low degree of acceptance, and they are cautious about the future market.
Peixian viscose yarn: the recent purchase and sale of viscose yarn market is slow, the price is weak, and all varieties have fallen slightly. At present, the inventory pressure of enterprises is not large, and it is about 20 days, so the price reduction range is limited. The r30s price is in the range of 17700-18600 yuan / ton, and the startup rate of enterprises still maintains the previous level. The downstream weaving Market is slow to ship, with fewer new orders, increased production and marketing pressure, and increased inventory. The market is worried about the future market. If the price of viscose raw materials falls in the later period, the yarn price is expected to decrease accordingly.
Henan pure cotton yarn: the transaction of pure cotton yarn Market slowed down, the wait-and-see mood in the downstream was heavy, the purchase was cautious, the price fell, the difficulty of enterprises receiving orders increased, and the equipment opening rate was about 60% to 80%. At present, the inventory of textile enterprises is still at a low level. Enterprises have some confidence in the third quarter, but due to the current high inventory of traders, the price of pure cotton yarn may be reduced in the long run.
Jiangsu color spinning: Recently, the color spinning market has operated well. The enterprise is 100% full load production, the supply is still tight, the customer's enthusiasm for inquiry is still high, and the order has been placed two months later. It is expected that this market will last for at least two months. Affected by foreign epidemic, futures market and macro policies, there are many uncertain factors in the market, and enterprises are cautiously optimistic about the future market.
Fujian non cotton yarn: Recently, the prices of raw materials and yarn have been relatively stable. This week, the prices of raw materials have decreased slightly, the prices of viscose yarn have been relatively stable, and the prices of polyester yarn have decreased. For the upcoming peak season of the traditional market, enterprises believe that they will continue the good situation since this year, which will be significantly improved compared with last year, and the market confidence is abundant.
Xinjiang pure cotton yarn: at present, the factory is in good operation, with less product inventory and better gross profit margin, but it is lower than before. The sales of pure cotton varieties maintain a good momentum, with high sales prices. The sales form of vortex spinning viscose varieties is poor, with low prices and weak market demand. At present, the factory basically does not accept long orders, and the price is subject to the market. Downstream customers' acceptance of yarn prices has declined, and the factory's cotton inventory is at a reasonable level, just in need of purchase. Enterprises believe that it is difficult to predict the later market at present, and the key to the market trend depends on the purchase price of Xinmian.
Guangdong cotton yarn: the transmission of raw material prices is not smooth, and downstream weaving does not accept yarn price increases. In addition, August is the traditional off-season of the industry, and the recent production and sales are weak. For the future market, enterprises hold a wait-and-see attitude.
Fabric Market
Jiangsu grey fabric: the current operating rate is about 95%, and the dobby models of some enterprises have been empty one after another. The price of raw materials continued to rise in the early stage and fell slightly in the near future. At present, the on-line orders are about 10 days, and the subsequent orders are obviously insufficient. Affected by the epidemic, the original ordering meetings of all brand companies have been postponed, and they dare not place orders in advance. Other non brand customers are in the wait-and-see stage, paying attention to the trend of yarn prices. Squeezed by both ends of the yarn mill and downstream customers, the labor cost of the textile mill continues to fall, the inventory of finished products continues to rise, and the market situation of end customers is generally weak. It is expected that orders in September are still not optimistic.
Guangdong denim: Recently, the price of denim yarn has remained high. The price of pure cotton oe10s is about 15500 yuan / ton, and the price transmission is still limited. The price of foreign single shipment is still high, and the sales profit is low. At present, the operating rate of the enterprise is more than 90%, and the orders show slight signs of improvement. With the cotton price callback, the cotton yarn price decreased slightly, and the quotations between enterprises and customers were very cautious. Enterprises increased research and development efforts to make full preparations for the "golden nine silver ten". At present, the shipping capacity is still tight, resulting in high shipping costs in the short term, and export orders will maintain low profits.
Lanxi grey cloth: raw material prices are still high, weaving costs are increasing, cotton yarn prices are difficult to rise, and downstream customers are less willing to accept the price of fabrics, resulting in grey cloth prices hanging upside down, finished products are significantly reduced from the warehouse, inventories are high, and some enterprises take measures to limit production. With the weakening of the impact of the epidemic, the traditional peak season of "golden nine and silver ten" can still be expected, but it may be lower than the expectations of previous years, making it more difficult for enterprises to make profits.
Jiangsu yarn dyed fabric: the market is stable as a whole, the start-up of enterprises is basically normal, the downstream demand is weak, and the new orders are insufficient. In the past half month, the price of upstream yarn was high, and the purchase intention of enterprises was not strong, so they were more cautious in receiving orders. As it is difficult for the price of fabrics to rise, the profits of enterprises are reduced. With the "golden nine and silver ten" approaching, enterprises expect the market to improve in September.
Hubei pure cotton: at present, in order to ensure the low-speed start of production, it is close to the peak season, but the orders have not been significantly improved, and the product inventory begins to accumulate. In order to ensure parity sales of shipments, profits are squeezed by both costs and market conditions. At present, the epidemic situation in foreign countries is still severe. Although the consumer market has improved, there is still much room for improvement in the total amount. It is hoped that the "golden nine and silver ten" will arrive as scheduled, and enterprises can breathe.

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Cotton textile market survey in August: the weaving Market is under pressure and the wait-and-see mood is rising
At present, the overseas epidemic continues, the world economic and trade situation is complex and severe, China's achievements in coordinating epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development have been continuously expanded and consolidated
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